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Working towards malaria elimination in Southern Africa
Supporting the journey home after incarceration in New York
Partners for the last mile:
Supporting community-led solutions.

How We Work

The J.C. Flowers Foundation works with a wide range of partners to solve critical health and social problems affecting isolated, or “last mile,” communities. The Foundation seeks maximum impact from its investments by partnering with other funding organizations, governments, and local, grassroots organizations with expertise and presence ​in communities that are often ignored.

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Our Commitment to Malaria Elimination

We are committed to malaria elimination through community mobilization along the shared borders of Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Our Principles

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Community Based

Because people living in endemic communities are experts in local realities, and ultimately determine the success of malaria elimination efforts.

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Cross Border

Because parasites and mosquitoes do not respect national boundaries, and many families live on both sides and cross frequently.



We walk together as a community of scientists, local leaders, national governments, religious bodies, and multilateral and non-profit organizations. Our organization hosts a round table every year as well as releasing an annual report, both with the support of our partners.

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Focused on Last Mile Communities

These 'Last Mile' communities are often remote and economically poor, but where malaria elimination is essential.



Our Commitment to Supporting Re-entry

Supporting reentry through leadership, advocacy, and community.

Circles of Support

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Download our 2023 Annual Report
Global Fund
Press release: Anne & Chris Flowers Foundation contributes to the Global Fund's regional grant in Southern Africa to accelerate malaria elimination
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